Sacred Heart

We are an inclusive club and participate in Little Athletics with the aim to “be our BEST”.
Welcome to Sacred Heart Little Athletics Club

Our VISION – to provide an inclusive and family orientated little athletics club that has a strong and proud reputation for being there to support, nurture and encourage all children.

At Sacred Heart Little Athletics we want to see all our little athletes flourish. Our families readily assist to provide a safe, fun and active environment for all our children.

We are an inclusive club and participate in Little Athletics with the aim to “BE OUR BEST”

B elonging

E nthusiasm

S portsmanship

T eam

We have a group of qualified, enthusiastic coaches ready to assist our athletes in being their very BEST and we welcome new athletes and their families to come and be part of our great club.


South Launceston Football Ground, Thursday 5-6 pm.

Feeder Schools

Sacred Heart Catholic School.


If you have any suggestions for the club or wish to discuss any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact a committee member listed below.

Matthew Zegveld & Chris Barrett

Vice President
Olivia Bailey

Jane Gamble

Lauren Pietsch
0428 530 591

Team Manager Girls
Yvette Harmey

Team Manager Boys
Tracey Matthews

Club Duties
Agnes Kostecka

Training Manager
Jayne Praciack

Committee Members
Damian Frappell
Simon Cook

Joining a team is very exciting but it can also be a little bit daunting: new pitch, new routine etc. To help give you the best start we’ve put together useful information.

Training takes place on Thursdays at South Launceston Football Club oval from 5.00 pm

We have further extended our coaching team this year with the additional level 1 and level 2 coach.

Club Uniform

Club tops, hoodies & hats are available for purchase. Contact Jane, Peta or a committee member at training sessions or at the meetings. Green shorts are available from most sports stockists.

Club uniform is required by the 3rd week of the season.




South Launceston Little Athletics Centre Inc.