Centre Awards

U13 Sportsmanship Award

Each year one boy and one girl are awarded the SLLAC Sportsmanship Award. The recipients of these awards are automatically nominated as SLLAC representatives for the TLAA Sportsmanship Award. All under 13 athletes that have participated at South Launceston Centre for a minimum of 3 seasons will be eligible for consideration. Full criteria for the award can be found in our bylaws.

Congratulations to Lochlan Harris and Charli Ross for being awarded the 2019-20 Sportsmanship Awards.

Lochlan Harris- Youngtown and Charli Ross- Glen Dhu. 2019-20 Sportsmanship Award.

Previous Recipients

2018-19 Tyeson Stone
Bonnie Talbot
St Leonards
Glen Dhu

Josh Harris
Alicia Hollingworth

2016-17 Zac Tyson
Liana Freestone
Sacred Heart
2015-16 Grace Gillow
Sam Talbot
Glen Dhu
2014-15 Jessica Upton-Greer
Tamru Midson
Sacred Heart
2013-14 Tori Milbourne
Liam Preece
Sacred Heart
St Leonards
2012-13 Mika DeBruyn
Fletcher Bennett
Sacred Heart
Glen Dhu
2011-12 Brooke Hibbs
Desh Rathore
2010-11 Jasmine Turner
Lachlan Edmunds
Glen Dhu
2009-10 Emma Walker
Jayden Brown
Sacred Heart

Chad Douglas Memorial Trophy

Alexandra French, Youngtown- Chad Douglas Award Recipient 2019-20

The Chad Douglas Award is in recognition of a former South Launceston Little Athlete, who sadly passed away during his Under 9 year. Although not the best athlete in his age group, Chad consistently attended Little Athletics each week, simply to compete, make friends, have fun and strive to improve on his personal bests. He displayed qualities of a good sportsman by showing concern and respect for both fellow athletes and officials. Chad truly subscribed to the motto of Little Athletics, "Family, Fun and Fitness". Brett Gillow, a good friend, created this trophy in Chad's memory and each season presents it to an athlete, either male or female, from the current Under 9 age group. The recipient must possess similar characteristics to Chad and have competed at the Centre for three years, with a consistently high attendance rate.

Previous Recipients

2018-19 Milla Johnston Glen Dhu
2017-18 Ruby Statton Summervale
2016-17 Bradley Wicks Youngtown
2015-16 Georgia Millwood Sacred Heart
2014-15 Georgia Gillow Youngtown
2013-14 Matthew Stingle St Leonards
2012-13 Mason Visser Summervale
2011-12 Nicholas Mayne Summervale
2010-11 Cameron Illingworth Sacred Heart
2009-10 Mitchell Fisher Sacred Heart
2008-09 Sophie Coleman Glen Dhu
2007-08 Luke Heathcote Norwood
2006-07 Telisha Crack St Leonards
2005-06 Ashlee Withers Summervale
2004-05 Madeline Turner Youngtown
2003-04 Erin Chapman Glen Dhu
2002-03 Nikki Heathcote Norwood
2001-02 Thomas Sherriff Summervale
2000-01 Cody Morrison Sacred Heart
1999-00 Annabelle Walker Norwood
1998-99 Todd Nankervis Summervale
1997-98 Ebony Hateley Youngtown
1996-97 Lauren Boyd Youngtown
1995-96 Teresa Swierc Norwood

Centre Encouragement Awards

At the conclusion of each season the Centre recognises two athletes (one boy, one girl) from each club with centre encouragement awards. These athletes are nominated by their clubs and should have the following characteristics:

  • Always strive to achieve PB's.
  • Polite and respectful.
  • Enjoy participation in Little Athletics.
Anna Mayne & Isaac Pietsch

Norwood - Ryan Belsak & Ruby Steel


Summervale - Eden McIntee & Rori Barwick


St Leonards - Sienna Preece


Youngtown - Flynn Preece & Emily Knaggs


Sacred Heart - Annabelle Cook & Henry Marston


Glen Dhu - Lachlan Kleinig & Eadie Tucker

Previous Recipients



2018-19 Eboni Wesley Andrew Long
2017-18 Isabella Rigby Seth Hill
2016-17 Isabella Crack Xavier Jarman
2015-16 Kaylee Preece Alex Hoffman
2014-15 Keely Morrison William Atkinson
2013-14 Candice Belbin Hayden Pitt
2012-13 Bonnie Pitt Danie McCrostie
2011-12 Ruby Lanham Michael Stingel



2018-19 Ruby Dunn Joshua Stacey
2017-18 Anna Mayne Isaac Pietsch
2016-17 Annabelle Peck Charlie Baker
2015-16 Millie Sertori Kade Thompson
2014-15 Taylah Cornish Tom Reilly
2013-14 Olivia Logan Angus Scott
2012-13 Arabella Phillips Harry Bayles
2011-12 Ashleigh Reid Bailee Lowe
2010-11 Isabella Shaw Louis Davie
2009-10 Isabelle Bastow Ryan Morey
2008-09 Ella Tiffin Sam Walley
2007-08 Shelby Miller Ben Millington



2018-19 Hanya Rush Harry Tucker
2017-18 Molly Ross Eli Patmore
2016-17 Ruby Williams Shannon Hoare
2015-16 Abby Jones Lincon Talbot
2014-15 Savannah Mckenzie Logan Canning
2013-14 Camryn Anderson Oscar Birthwistle
2012-13 Indya Redman Lachlan Warren
2011-12 Latish Canning Domonic Schiliro
2010-11 Montana McKenzie Will Bennett
2009-10 Eloise Bennett Rizgar Kilinc
2008-09 Ashlee Dicker Kyle Wadley


2018-19 Lily Smith Harrison Millwood
2017-18 Lavinia Freeland Phoenix Howard
2016-17 Ella Mannion Ben Bernese
2015-16 Ruby Jones Lachlan Frame
2014-15 Isabella Johnston Mitchell Nicholas
2013-14 Asha Lowe Max Roney
2012-13 Stephanie Howell Connor Healey
2011-12 Mia Lanham William McLeod
2010-11 Sophie Illingworth Joshua Rigby
2009-10 Brooke Leslie Cameron Illingworth
2008-09 Holly Ross Oscar Cibik
2007-08 Jordyn Milbourne Ethan McCullagh



2018-19 Jasmine Kelly Cameron Smith
2017-18 Ruby Statton Benjamin Potter
2016-17 Hannah Kelly Dante Fitzgerald
2015-16 Emily O'Connor Neo Witt
2014-15 Tahlia Jenkins Thomas Potter
2013-14 Regina Blair Keiam Wynter
2012-13 Haylee Stanley Damien Cameron
2011-12 Chloe Mason Zac Chugg



2018-19 Madeline French Lachlan Preece
2017-18 Mackenzie Buck Jordan Powell
2016-17 Ella Powell Harry Roberts
2015-16 Keyara Dingjan Elijah Daley
2014-15 Elyse McHugh Nixsyn Wade
2013-14 Makayla Bingley Cameron Wicks
2012-13 Jaslyn Freestone Colby McKercher
2011-12 Skye Webb James Harris
2010-11 Liana Freestone Joshua Chugg

Life Membership

Life membership is the highest honour of any organisation.

Life Members

2017-18 Kay Knee
2012-13 Dean Wadley
2011-12 Michael Walker
2010-11 Brian James
2008-09 Rick Staines
2008-09 Kim Nankervis
2006-07 Les Nankervis
2005-06 Dirk Nankervis
2005-06 Trevor Barrett
2001-02 Terry Byrne
1998-99 Henry Gebka

Centre Service Awards

South Launceston Centre recognises the contribution of long serving members through Centre Service Awards. People that voluntarily give their time for the betterment of the centre over a long period are considered this award.

In 2019/20 Justin Jones, Andrea Napier and Duncan Napier were recognised for their hard work with a Centre Service Award following a high level of contribution over many years.

Previous Recipients:

2017-18 Jayne Praciak

2016-17 Matthew Millwood, Trish Reid & Lorinda Upton-Greer

2015-16 Brett Gillow & Ferdie Croon

2014-15 Jon Tyson & Robyn Morey