Rules & Regulations

SLLAC Constitution

Our constitution (Rules of Association) has been updated and adopted at the AGM held on 10th May 2011 to reflect the current practice at our centre and to comply with the State body requirements. The centre By Laws have been documented and are available from the Centre Information page.

SLLAC Constitution

Financial Support – SLLAC State Reps

South Launceston will provide financial assistance to athletes registered at the South Launceston Centre during the year of their selection in a State Little Athletics team on the following basis.

U13 State Team members receive $50 p/year of service at SLLAC, to a maximum of $350.

U14 State Team members receive $50 p/year of service at SLLAC, to a maximum of $400. In the event that an U14 athlete received financial support from SLLAC as an U13 member, they would receive maximum $50 ($50 for the U14 year).

U15 State Team members receive $50 p/year of service at SLLAC, to a maximum of $450. In the event that an U15 athlete received financial support from SLLAC as either an U13 or U14 member, they would receive either $50 or $100 dollars.


If a meeting has to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions our preferred method of advisement is via Facebook and the Team App.


The by laws of the centre have been adopted and are available for download. Changes or additions to the by laws can be made by submitting a request to your club committee members or delegates who will raise the issue for consideration at a Centre board meeting. Last updated 20th December 2016.


Play By The Rules

Play by the Rules provides information and online learning for community sport and recreation on how to:

  • prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse, and
  • develop inclusive and welcoming environments for participation.

SLLAC supports this initiative and encourages all officials, parents, athletes and others involved with our centre to log onto the website where there is a lot of information and complete the online training courses relevant to your level of involvement.

Play By The Rules

Centre Championships

To be eligible for the Centre Championships, all athletes must be registered with the Centre, have competed in 25 events at this Centre and have the 25 Participation Badge (or greater) sewn on the back of their club top.

Athletes must compete twice in each event at this Centre to be eligible for that event at Centre Championships.

Shoes must be worn on all track and field sites and athletes must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to all competition meetings.

Athletes must wear club uniform to be eligible to compete in all competition meetings and Centre Championships.

SLLAC Inclusion Policy

The South Launceston Little Athletics Centre supports and facilitates the inclusion of all people and as such have adopted the following inclusion policy for all members to support.

SLLAC Inclusion Policy

SLLAC Handbook

The South Launceston Little Athletics Centre has designed a handbook especially for new families joining the centre. It has information about our centre, uniforms, fees, parent help, competitions, ticket books etc. etc. The handbook answers all the questions (or most) a new family joining athletics for the first time has.

A handbook will be put in each new child’s bag upon registration.

SLLAC Handbook

Badge Placement

The correct badge placement is shown in the TLAA Information Manual – Please ensure that all previous year’s badges are removed from uniforms.


Play By The Rules