SLLAC on Twitter

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Yes that’s right!

South Launceston Little Athletics has joined the social media world by opening a Twitter account! The sole reason for this is to be able to get important information to you, the parents/guardians, in a more efficient manner. For example we can now ‘tweet’ if a meeting is cancelled due to bad weather then you will receive a text message on your mobile instantly. No more hanging on the radio announcers every word!

To make this work we need your support by following SLLAC on Twitter.

The steps you need to do is as follows:

1) Send a text message (sms) to 0198089488
2) The text in the message should be Follow sllac

That’s it! You will receive a confirmation message back from twitter to say you are now following sllac, There is no risk of getting ‘spam’ text messages, the only messages you will receive from this point on will be from the centre and they will only entail urgent information or reminders.