Welcome to Summervale Little Athletics Club

Summervale Club is one of six clubs which forms the South Launceston Little Athletics Centre whose home is the professional athletics track at St Leonards.

We have a strong focus on representing the philosophy of Fun, Family & Fitness, and children are encouraged to achieve PBs no matter what their level of fitness or goals. It is a supportive environment throughout the whole of the South Launceston Little Athletic Centre at St Leonards – and Summervale Club is part of that environment.

During the 2016-2017 season we had 54 members in our club.

South Launceston Football Club, Monday 5pm – 6pm

Feeder Schools
Summerdale & West Launceston


If you have any suggestions for the club or wish to discuss any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact a committee member listed below.

  • President
    Raydan Fitzgerald
    0419 323 393

    Vice President
    Ali O’Connor
    0417 254 945

    Paul Kelly
    0409 253 752

  • Treasurer
    Kerrin Smith
    0438 345 435

    Kristy Wallace
    0439 331 963

    Team Manager
    Holly Kelly
    0428 388 434

A reminder: If you find yourself travelling away on the weekend but still want to attend Little Athletics, there are Centres all around Australia in which you can sign up as a visitor. So you don’t have to miss out on the fun just because you are away on holiday!


During the season from October to March, Summervale Club train at the South Launceston Football Club oval, Youngtown on Mondays, between 5pm and 6 pm.

Any additional pre-season training is arranged independently through the Secretary and Coach.

Club Uniform

Summervale Club carries the strong colours of red and black. The shorts are plain black combined with tops of red and black in either a polo top of singlet top design. An order must be placed for these at the time of registration.

Sponsorship and name badges are provided at the beginning of the season on the receipt of full registration.

The placement of these badges are detailed in the Information Manual which is provided in your season starter kit.

Registrations & General Info

For information on registering your family, please contact any one of our committee members. We encourage you to let us know of your interest early.

Little Athletics Tasmania allow each athlete two free meets prior to paying full registrations, to allow each child to experience this opportunity. We too, at Summervale Club, encourage this.

Rules and Regulations and all relevant information are available in the Information Manual. Any questions, however, you may have in regard to the season and events, the committee will be happy to answer at any time.

As you will also see by browsing this official website, sllac.org.au, there is much fun and interaction that goes with being part of Little Athletics. Many businesses sponsor our events, and we encourage our members to support them. You will also see we have photographs taken weekly with our children and their results posted weekly to help you take an interest in their PBs (personal best achievements).

Club Awards

Each season the committee form to decide on the awards for the season. The awards given reflect the centre and state values: fun, family and fitness, personal best achievements and some individual awards.

These are presented at the end of season at a fun gathering which forms part of our AGM.

Club Encouragement Award – Hollie Jones & Jayden Walters

President’s Award – Charles Hill

Smilie Award – Violet Statton & Cameron Smith

Record Breakers/Quiet Achievers – Alicia Hollingworth & Aaron Rigby

Improvement Award/Quiet Achiever – Tahj Jones

Improvement Award/Noisy Achiever – Nikki O’Connor

Newcomer Award – Hollie Jones

Little Mascots – Mason, Riley, Dylan, Ivy, Elsie, Ella, Hudson, Petalyn, Logan, Kash and other little ones who visited throughout the season

Team Manager Awards: Charles Hill, Lailani Pybus, Azura Witt, Callum Emms & Liam Markham.

Centre Awards

Centre Encouragement Award Girl –

Centre Encouragement Award Boy –

Team Representatives

For those more serious athletes, there are plenty of opportunities to aim for high levels from the platform of our weekly Little Athletics program.

For more information on this, please feel free to ask our committee members.

2014-2015 State Team Representative – Emma Potter

Come Join & Celebrate

Please contact any one of our committee members for information on the season. Be open to coming and try a weekly meet to see what you think. Let one of us know so that we can ensure you are given full opportunities on the day. Come and try. Build on friendships, both children and adults alike, for these friendships formed are often those that take you through life.

Let’s celebrate together our children’s achievements, great and small.