Rules & Regulations

These are the directives, guidelines, and principles that conduct our centre.
SLLAC Constitution

Our constitution (Rules of Association) reflects the current practice at our centre and comply with the State body requirements.


The addition, changing, or deletion of the By-Laws of South Launceston Little Athletics Centre is governed by the terms included in the SLLAC Rules of Association.


All officials are to be accredited to the minimum requirement as advised by TLAA. The minimum requirement is Level 1, which is a free and online course.

Check the Athletics Australia website for more information.

SLLAC Inclusion Policy

South Launceston Little Athletics Centre supports and facilitates the inclusion of all people and has adopted an inclusion policy for all members to support.

Play By The Rules

Play by the Rules provides information and online learning for community sport and recreation on how to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse and develop inclusive and welcoming environments for participation.

SLLAC supports this initiative and encourages all officials, parents, athletes and others involved with our centre to log onto the website where there is a lot of information and complete the online training courses relevant to your level of involvement.

Financial Support – SLLAC State Reps

SLLAC will provide financial assistance to athletes registered during the year of their selection in a State Little Athletics Team on the following basis.

U13 State Team members receive $50 p/year of service at SLLAC, to a maximum of $350.

U14 State Team members receive $50 p/year of service at SLLAC, to a maximum of $400. In the event that a U14 athlete received financial support from SLLAC as a U13 member, they would receive a maximum of $50 ($50 for the U14 year).

U15 State Team members receive $50 p/year of service at SLLAC, to a maximum of $450. In the event that a U15 athlete received financial support from SLLAC as either a U13 or U14 member, they would receive either $50 or $100 dollars.

In the event of ALAC cancellation or the Tasmanian team withdrawing from ALAC, a shared contribution to the value of $50 from SLLAC and registered club (total $100) will be gifted to each athlete (U13/15) in recognition of their State Team selection.

Centre Championships

To be eligible for the Centre Championships, all athletes must be registered with the Centre, have competed in 25 events at this Centre, and have the 25 Participation Badge (or greater) sewn on the back of their club top.

Athletes must compete twice in each event at this Centre to be eligible for that event at Centre Championships.

Shoes must be worn on all track and field sites and athletes must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to all competition meetings.

Athletes must wear club uniform to be eligible to compete in all competition meetings and Centre Championships.

Badge Placement

The correct badge placement is shown in the TLAA Information Manual – Please ensure that all previous year’s badges are removed from uniforms.

If a meeting has to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions our preferred method of advisement is via our Facebook Page, which is also displayed on our Centre Announcements section, located on our web page.


Every athlete is encouraged to strive to be their personal best. Badges are awarded throughout the season to celebrate personal improvements and a special PB day is held every season.
Being a good sport is the most important quality an athlete can possess. Through Little Athletics, our members learn this important skill and are actively encouraged to lead by example.
Having fun is the best part of Little Athletics. Many children across the age groups develop life-long friendships as a result of the fun they have during and waiting for competition.
At SLLAC we encourage participation from Tiny Tots to under 15. Our centre athletes inspire and encourage their fellow competitors, with encouragement awards presented at the end of the season.
At SLLAC we respect our fellow athletes, our volunteers and the families that attend. We aim to treat people fairly and with respect at all times.
SLLAC is an inclusive and welcoming centre. We have one all-abilities running chair for use by those with physical limitations and we can modify events for those with a range of disabilities.




South Launceston Little Athletics Centre Inc.